Students grades 6th to 12th join faculty and graduate students from ASU’s School of Arts, Media and Engineering in week-long, project-focused classes. Students can take multiple classes each week, on a wide selection of topics. Future makers, artists, designers, engineers, and entrepreneurs  learn skills valuable for the technology-infused, fast-paced 21st century. Some of the course topics from prior years include Interactive Augmented Reality, Code for Games, Digital Fabrication, Design Thinking, Musical Trash: Prototyping Experimental Musical Instruments, Audio Circuits Lab, Making Movies, Creative Generative text.

We believe that skills such as collaboration, innovation, and information literacy are critical for learners and citizens of the 21st century, and that these can be taught in a highly effective manner by using the integration of computational thinking, creative coding, and aesthetic challenges. By engaging students in creative digital arts projects with tangbile outcomes, they are naturally driven to acquireskills required by the digital tools. We are working to create a project-­based digital arts curriculum through which middle/high school students are intrinsically motivated to learn and apply STEM skills, computational thinking, ingenuity, communication, and collaboration.