kimberlee swisher

educator working at the intersection of technology, music, media culture, play, making, and pedagogy. 

digital culture summer institute

Recent Projects
ZenDen at the I.D.E.A Museum in Mesa, Arizona (Nov 2019 - ongoing)
An interactive space which responds with changing meditative sounds in response to movement, actually non-movement, of museum goers in the geodesic dome. Each bench adds a different layer of sound, and each layer of sound moves slowly on a unique stochastic path throughout the 10 speakers in the surround sound system, giving a sense of movement and life to the soundscape. 
Max MSP, surround sound, 180 degree camera tracking, I.D.E.A Museum

Max MSP and Creative Code YouTube Tutorials
55+ videos in a series for a 100-level university computational thinking course that uses Max as the software tool to demonstrate beginning conceptual computational ideas. For absolute beginners to code and computation who want to use code to augment work in sound and media.
Some recent examples :

#stochasticity #random #itable

#stayhome #codeathome #parentandcode

#mathiscool #mixingimages #yesIamsuperpregnant

Soundscape at the I.D.E.A Museum in Mesa, Arizona (feb 2014 - feb 2018)
An interactive environment that creates an auditory environment in response to movement and position of people within a geodesic dome.
Kinect, Max, gestural sound, I.D.E.A Museum

Digital Culture Summer Institute
An interdisciplinary digital arts media STEAM summer program for 7th-12th graders in June at Arizona State University.