kimberlee swisher

educator working at the intersection of technology, music, media culture, play, making, and pedagogy. 

digital culture summer institute

ZenDen at the I.D.E.A Museum in Mesa, Arizona (Nov 2019 - ongoing)
An interactive space which responds with changing meditative sounds in response to movement, actually non-movement, of museum goers in the geodesic dome. Each bench adds a different layer of sound, and each layer of sound moves slowly on a unique stochastic path throughout the 10 speakers in the surround sound system, giving a sense of movement and life to the soundscape. 
Max MSP, surround sound, 180 degree camera tracking, I.D.E.A Museum

Creative Code YouTube Tutorials (Nov 2017 - ongoing)
65+ video tutorials on a range of topics including digital images, creative code, Tinkercad Codeblocks, digital audio, with a strong focus on Max MSP for my undergraduate computational thinking course that uses Max as a software tool to demonstrate conceptual computational ideas. For beginners to code and computation who want to use code to augment work in sound and media.
Some recent examples:

#stayhome #codeathome #parentandcode

Soundscape at the I.D.E.A Museum in Mesa, Arizona (feb 2014 - feb 2018)
An interactive environment that creates an auditory environment in response to movement and position of people within a geodesic dome.
Kinect, Max, gestural sound, I.D.E.A Museum

Digital Culture Summer Institute
An interdisciplinary digital media summer program for 7th-12th graders in June at Arizona State University.